Rye Berry Books agrees to purchase items from customers (defined below as “Sellers”) through our buyback site ( according to the following conditions. By clicking “Checkout,” the Seller acknowledges and agrees to these policies and procedures.




Buyback: a book or books sold from a customer to Rye Berry Books.

Buyback Quote: the current posted buyback price at the time a customer completes a buyback transaction.

ISBN: acronym for International Standard Book Number; an ISBN is a 10- or 13-digit number that uniquely identifies a specific edition of a book.

Resalable: a book’s ability to be resold, in that it meets the standards Rye Berry Books applies to its used inventory.

Seller: a customer who creates a buyback order and sells books to Rye Berry Books.

Volume Seller: a seller who agrees to modified terms, including the inability to use promotional coupons, to raise normal maximum order value limits.


Book Buyback Quotes


When a Seller sells their book(s) to Rye Berry Books, they will receive a quote determined by the current market value. Rye Berry Books will pay the Seller this amount if the following conditions are met:

  • Rye Berry Books receives the book(s) within 14 days of creating the buyback quote. During the 14 days, Rye Berry Books will protect the Seller’s original quoted price even if the value of the buyback quote as posted on Rye Berry Books’ buyback site ( decreases. If the book(s) arrives after 14 days, the Seller will be paid according to the buyback quote posted on at the time the order is processed. Sellers are strongly encouraged to ship their orders within 3 days of placing an order to ensure the book arrives in time.
  • Rye Berry Books receives the items as described in the original order. Rye Berry Books recommends its Sellers take extra care when inputting buyback order information, as many books have multiple editions, including international editions and instructor’s editions, which may have radically different buyback quotes.
  • The book arrives in “Good” or better condition. See “Book Condition and Related Factors” below for more information on determining a book’s condition.

If any of these conditions are not met, Rye Berry Books reserves the right to adjust Seller payment accordingly. The quoted price is non-negotiable. We will not increase the quoted amount should the buyback value increase.

Rejected books will be destroyed, not returned, and no payment will be issued.


Price Matching


We do not price match with other competitors.  Prices listed on Rye Berry Books’ buyback site ( are non-negotiable.


Transfer of Ownership


Upon receipt of the shipped package(s) into Rye Berry Books’ warehouse, ownership of the contents of the shipment transfer entirely and wholly to Rye Berry Books. Rye Berry Books reserves the sole right to determine the value and condition of any included items according to its standards and policies. Rye Berry Books also reserves the right to destroy, resell, recycle, or donate any item arriving in a buyback shipment.

The Seller cannot cancel an order after ownership has transferred to Rye Berry Books.


Minimum and Maximum Order Size


Rye Berry Books will only process buyback orders with a value of $10.00 or greater.

Sellers using our website may not generate more than $1,000 in buyback revenue within a 30-day period. This limit may be increased by applying for “volume seller” status. To become a volume seller, the following criteria must be met:

  • Account must have been active for a minimum of 90 days.
  • The seller must establish a history of recently and regularly submitted buyback orders.
  • The seller must not hold multiple accounts.

If approved for a limit increase, volume sellers are not permitted to apply promotional coupons to their buyback orders.


Book Condition and Related Factors


Rye Berry Books purchases a large variety of publications, including but not limited to trade paperbacks, textbooks, graphic novels, comic books, laboratory manuals, study guides, student solutions manuals, and working papers.

Upon receipt, Rye Berry Books employees will evaluate the book(s) and determine if we will accept or reject it according to the following categories.

Good condition includes books with minor to no signs of wear and tear. This includes staining, discoloration, writing, highlighting, markings, tears, and other general damage from use. All pages must be included and all text legible. Rye Berry Books pays the same amount for used and unused books in good or better condition.  Good condition books contain no water damage or staining.   Good condition books also do not have damage to the binding – no pages are falling out.

Condition Checklist:

          ●  No advance reader copies (ARCs), uncorrected proofs (UPs), or books     marked "not for resale.”

●  No rips, tears, stains, or odors.

          ●  No water damage.

●  No writing or highlighting.

          ●  No pages falling out or coming loose, and no broken spines/bindings.

          ●  No book club editions.

          ●  No ex-library books.

          ●  All hardcovers initially sold with a dust jacket must include the dust jacket.

          ●  Books with accompanying media (such as a CD/DVD) must include the media.

          ●  No labels or stickers.

Poor condition includes books with over 20% of the pages with markings (writing, highlighting, marginalia, etc.); binding damage, cover damage, missing pages or illegible text; torn pages; odor; water damage or staining of any kind to the pages or covers.

Books meeting our condition guidelines that arrive within 14 days of the creation of the buyback order will be purchased at the full amount quoted in the order.

Books that do not meet our condition guidelines will not be accepted, and no payment will be issued.

If Rye Berry Books receives a book not listed on its website, it will not be accepted, and no payment will be issued.

Items not accepted will only be shipped back to the Seller at the Seller's expense, plus a handling fee of $5. Items not accepted will be held for 30 days; after that, these items will be recycled or donated at our discretion.


Alternate Editions


Rye Berry Books identifies and prices books according to their unique ISBNs. Different editions of books, such as international or instructor’s editions, may receive significantly different quotes or have zero value. It is the Seller’s responsibility to identify the correct ISBN during the selling procedure. If the Seller misidentifies the edition of a book while creating an order, Rye Berry Books will send a payment, according to its policies and the current buyback quote, for the edition received, not the edition listed when the order was created.

Only send the book for which a quote was provided.


Book Shipping Procedure


Upon completion of a buyback quote, Rye Berry Books will provide a free, printable shipping label to the Seller in PDF format. To send the order, the Seller must print the label, package the book(s) into a durable shipping box, seal the box, and attach the provided label.

The Seller must then bring the package to the nearest USPS facility corresponding to the type of label on the box. Sellers should not package the book(s) in Priority Mail packaging as this will result in additional mailing fees being deducted from your order.

Rye Berry Books is not responsible for any loss, damage, lateness, or mishandling while an item is in transit. If you are concerned that your shipment might be missing, late, or damaged, please get in touch with USPS.

While not required, Rye Berry Books recommends the following:

  • Include your order packing slip in the box. This increases the likelihood of the USPS finding your item should your order become damaged or lost while in transit.  If the book(s) arrive at the Rye Berry Books warehouse and we are unable to determine ownership, they will be recycled.
  • Purchase optional insurance through Rye Berry Books or the USPS. Rye Berry Books cannot reimburse lost, delayed, or damaged orders.
  • Ship within 3 days of placing the order. Quotes are secure for 14 days following the placement of an order. To ensure a package arrives within that 14-day time frame, Sellers are strongly encouraged to mail it as quickly as possible upon creating an order.

Rye Berry Books issues payment according to the contents of a shipment, not the contents of the onsite buyback quote. Therefore, no payment will be issued for books included in the quote but not received. Likewise, books received in a shipment that were not in the original quote will be paid for according to the current quote price at the time Rye Berry Books processes the order. See the section “Book Sent in Error” below for further information on discrepancies between the shipment and the order.


Book Orders Outside the US


Rye Berry Books does not accept packages from outside the United States.


The shipping labels Rye Berry Books provides can only be used for shipping within the United States.


Books Sent in Error


Rye Berry Books is not responsible nor liable for any items received that were not included in the original order.


Payment Procedure


Payment times may vary depending on numerous factors.

  • Transit. USPS Media Mail typically takes 4-10 business days to reach our warehouse.
  • Processing. After delivery at our docks, it usually takes 3-5 business days to process orders. It will still say the status is “placed” until an order is processed. 
  • Payment. Payments are sent with PayPal and are typically issued within 1-5 business days after processing your order is complete.



Account Management


Creating multiple accounts circumvents our site’s thresholds and policies. Sellers may only use ONE account. A seller with multiple accounts may be subject to payment delays, account suspension, or account termination.

Sellers who wish to remove our order size limits to become volume sellers should refer to the “Minimum and Maximum Order Size” section above.

Sellers creating accounts or importing inventory from outside the U.S. and Canada may be subject to additional review, payment delays, or forfeiture of shipments.


Counterfeit, Pirated, or Illegally Obtained Books


Rye Berry Books reserves the right to inquire how items were originally acquired. While under investigation, payment may be delayed or withheld.

Any items submitted to Rye Berry Books determined to be counterfeit, illegally obtained, or printed will be surrendered to the proper authorities (publishers and/or law enforcement) or immediately destroyed with no payment.  Furthermore, the seller's information will be released to the publisher and/or law enforcement as needed.